Marketing Mind Map

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Market Segment: Microenterprise and Small Business

Purpose & Description
The inspiration for creating this mind map came a few years ago when I was thumbing through some notes from a marketing consulting firm I started as fulfillment of an MBA course while living in New Orleans, LA.  I wanted to provide entrepreneurs and other small business owners with a one-page snapshot of the factors they must consider when developing their company’s marketing plan.

Unlike traditional mind maps where the central idea or theme begins in the center of the page, I intentionally placed the starting point, labeled “Marketing,” off-center on the right hand side of the page.  This ensures the information can legibly print onto letter-sized paper.  With “Marketing” being the central theme, the first categorized layer of factors is shown in larger, yellow circles.  Each of those factors is further segmented into additional topics shown in orange circles.  The next layer of categorization or segmentation is represented by red circles and ultimately ends with green circles.  While the red and green layers of information are not all-encompassing in the field of Marketing, the intent is that once the business owner gets to this final layer, s/he is better poised to write the specific tactical activities needed to plan, price, promote, deliver and describe the company’s product or service.


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