Computer Based Training (CBT)

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Software CBT

Industry: Professional Services – Software as a Service (SaaS)


Project Overview
The company I founded developed a proprietary software that automates several manual tasks in delivering end products to clients.  Before the tool can be licensed to other business consultants and coaches, training materials are required.  There is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that highlights all the steps to deliver the end products.  However, the document is a little over 100 pages due to the amount of screenshots it contains.  The SOP is not only physically cumbersome, but also difficult to update since the beta version of the software continues to be improved upon.  A more flexible training tool is needed that allows for easy content modification.


Process Work Scope
I decided that video (via screencast), in the form of Computer Based Training (CBT), would be the tool of choice for training consultants and business coaches on the software.  My first step was to dissect the existing SOP and insert a video icon in the far left margin to indicate where a video would replace the content.  I then cut and paste the content for each video into separate MS Word documents.  This content became the foundation for each video’s script.  Each script was carefully timed and modified to make sure its length was less than 3 minutes and included transitional language to guide the viewer to the next video in the series.

Next, I hired a voice-over artist.  Hiring a voice-over artist allowed me to: 1) test the flow and accuracy of information in the script and 2) validate the software by having someone foreign to the software actually test its navigation during the screencast.  Last, a quiz was added at the end of each video to test the viewer’s knowledge of the video’s subject matter.  Once the videos were complete, I added a hyperlink to each video icon now embedded in the SOP.  The videos were stored on both a private YouTube channel as well as a designated area on the local company network.


The videos are a raving success for software licensees.   An overall score of 85% is now required for completion of all CBTs before a license is granted.  Every video that is impacted by a new software release is quickly updated with mostly minimal script modifications.  The overall size of the original SOP was reduced by 88% to 13 pages as a result of the video supplements.  The SOP itself remains relatively intact with each software release since the overall procedure is the same.


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