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Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Project Overview
A moving company wants to convert its business model to a franchise operation.  Unfortunately, a year after making that initial decision, they are experiencing a steady decline in sales.   Not sure whether to blame their bleak sales on the economy or internal factors, upper management decided to hire a Process Analyst to help pinpoint the source through a combination of investigative research, data mining and job performance monitoring.


Process Work Scope
The project commenced with me taking an inventory of all existing processes the moving company had and identifying the additional processes needed.  I then conducted a gap analysis with a supporting documentation schedule to ensure the additional processes were captured.  After documenting all current state processes, I created a dashboard that summarized the most significant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in each area of the company.  This dashboard served as a cover page to a brief report formatted to contain an actual analysis of the information on the dashboard along with actionable commentary from upper management.  Once the Project Manager approved the dashboard, I met with the company’s I.T. Field Supervisor to coordinate the data exporting needed to populate the graphs and other accounting information needed for the dashboard.  Finally, the KPIs were monitored for 60 days for month-to-month comparative analysis.


The data summarized on the KPI dashboard positioned this moving company to prioritize which processes needed to be streamlined immediately.  In analyzing data trends and associated opportunity costs, I convinced upper management that they should first focus on building their commercial sales business.  This led to me drawing a future state process map showcasing how simple automation could significantly reduce the commercial sales cycle that historically caused the company to avoid this customer base.  An agreement led to me working with the I.T. department and conducting a series of User Acceptance Tests (UAT) to ensure the improved process worked with minimal waste.  Ultimately, the company was able to hire two new commercial account managers while focusing on the next priority of processes – dispatching data entry errors.


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