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Alicia Butler Pierre



Process Engineering, Process Analysis, Business Infrastructure & Lean Manufacturing Projects.



Equilibria, Inc. logo

Equilibria, Inc. – Atlanta, GA                                                                                                                                                        May 2005 – Present

Senior Process Engineer & Analyst Consultant to small businesses at a local operations management consulting firm

Demonstrated resourcefulness in building, operating, promoting and fiscally managing a business from the ground up.  Successfully completed over 120 projects in eight years working as a Business Process Engineer/Analyst for a diverse client base of 75+ organizations including: small and medium businesses, non-profits, and local and state government.

Propose, scope and implement projects for small businesses which can involve one or more of the following: job task analysis, organizational design, records management policies and procedures, work space design and logistics, service delivery optimization and business process identification, documentation, analysis, mapping and improvement/optimization.  Worked on projects in the following industries: legal, real estate, staffing, healthcare services, consulting, retail, transportation, technology, archeology, light manufacturing.

Conduct process workshops and presentations for entrepreneurs by various organizations as requested.

Commissioned to develop Business Operations course materials for Georgia State University’s Small Business Development Center’s GrowSmart program for small business owners.

Invented the KasennuTM  (formerly known as KlonosTM) operations management model for creating business infrastructure and managing rapid growth through scalable and sustainable business infrastructure.

View my online portfolio for work samples and capabilities as well as my SlideShare page.


CCR logo

Coca-Cola Refreshments – Atlanta, GA                                                                        July 2011 – June 2012

Process Documentation Specialist Contractor to the VP of Vending Operations at Coca-Cola’s largest American bottler.

Learned a proprietary web-based technology to automate vending machine operations for inclusion into future-state processes to train Dispatchers, Supervisors and Drivers throughout North America.  Worked with over 50 subject matter experts around the country to identify inputs and outputs for core processes.  Developed internal process mapping, documentation and video script standards to ensure compliance with ISO 9000.  Trained future process specialists on those standards.  Created an Access database to align deliverables with the Project Manager’s deployment schedule.


suntrust logo

SunTrust Bank – Atlanta, GA
April 2011

Web Content Analyst Contractor to the Corporate Marketing Department at prominent Southeastern bank.

Requested to work on a team of four to meticulously analyze over 400 pages of web content to replace or update based on changing FDIC standards for checking and savings accounts. Recorded results in MS Excel.  Selected to lead data validation and reconciliation efforts and document specific troubleshooting steps (for future similar projects) prior to handoff to the VP of Marketing.


home depot logo

Home Depot Corporation – Atlanta, GA
Jan. 2011 – Mar. 2011

Staffing Process Analyst Contractor to H.R. executives at world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer.

Screened and analyzed over 400 candidates as part of company initiative to hire 60,000 new employees.    Flowcharted the use of various technologies in the H.R. call center’s work flow and revealed repetitive note-taking and timekeeping methods.  Formulated KPIs to: 1) monitor call flow, duration and peaks, 2) improve the interviewing process and 3) streamline workforce management.



Wink, Incorporated – New Orleans, LA     (currently Willbros Engineers, LLC)
Jul. 2002 – Sept. 2004    

Process Engineering Consultant to Shell Oil and Motiva Enterprises – Fortune 500 oil & gas companies.

Led and coordinated a $50M project to troubleshoot and re-engineer the oil sample collection process at the Norco, LA Shell Oil refinery.  Captured field data to design optimal sampling equipment and calculated associated material and labor installation costs.  Managed a cross-functional team of 45 Employees and Vendors to install 300+ upgrade or install new sample stations to minimize environmental spills and meet EPA regulations.  Recorded, presented and distributed the improved sample collection process for future training and deployment throughout all domestic Shell Oil refineries.  Successfully completed the project on-time, within budget and zero injuries.

Spearheaded efforts to standardize budget management by surveying co-workers, organizing and documenting best practices and reporting this data to Motiva Enterprises to ensure proper contractor setup in their SAP ERP conversion project.  Later converted data into training material.

Managed project to automate and optimize 12 motor-operated bypass valves in a hydrocracking unit quench system.  Designed the valves to connect to a new, more sophisticated control system in the area.  Submitted design to a drafter in order to obtain valve quotes from various vendors.  Prepared cost estimate and successfully solicited Concept Approval from Shell’s Project Manager.

Participated in Quality Assurance teams to double-check hydraulic calculations of proposed equipment and pipe designs and upgrades prior to issuing to client for final approval.  Also double-checked the Capital-Expenditure reports of other Engineers prior to requesting initial or additional project funding.

Contributed to company’s 2004 client expansion via self-initiative to generate work proposals based on observed and calculated needs analysis – resulted in the addition of two new projects with total capital funding of $1.7 million.


monsanto logo

Monsanto Company   –   Luling, LA
Jun. 1999 – Jul. 2002

Process and Environmental Engineer at a leading global agricultural and biotechnology company.

Participated in the design, construction walk-thru and staffing of a new RoundUp® production unit (Glyphosate Intermediate).  Met unit’s online goal by working a night shift for six months with a team of Managers, Engineers and Technicians to test run the unit via waterbatching.  Used that data to optimize the controls needed for actual production and documented processes for operating equipment.  Redlined Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (liquid flow diagrams) as necessary to facilitate future mechanical, chemical or electrical malfunction troubleshooting.  Shared results through presentations and staff meetings.

Received four promotions within a three-year period.  Effectively transitioned into three roles within a one year period primarily due to company mergers and acquisitions.

Championed efforts to increase safety awareness by collaborating with operating personnel to create an injury-free work environment – achieved 50% reduction in non-compliance air permits.

Updated standard operating procedures, through personal initiative, in two additional production units to reflect current conditions and parameters which led to EPA and OSHA re-certifications.

Conducted an internal audit with team of Environmental Engineers as preparation for an ISO 9000 audit.  Cited potential areas of documentation violations, corrected and trained employees to eliminate future errors.  These efforts led to a successful re-certification.

Developed a more efficient evaporator boilout plan that included a sampling plan for monitoring and controlling the NMG/Gly ratio to reduce purge impurity levels.


Cytec logo

Cytec Industries   –   Waggaman, LA                                                                                                                                          Aug. 1997 – Dec. 1997; Jun. 1998 – Aug. 1998

Process Engineer Co-op at a global chemical company specializing in creating raw materials for other manufactured goods.

Collected and calibrated samples of column bottoms from various points within the Acrylonitrile unit to determine the source of contamination.  Transferred the samples to a dedicated laboratory to make observations and plotted pressure data in a spreadsheet.  This served as the basis for performing material balance calculations which justified and supplemented the Project Engineer’s business case to  design and install a new distillation column.

Alternated school semesters with this committed 9 month co-op term and applied Chemical Engineering coursework to assigned projects in the Process Engineering department – a department that provided troubleshooting and total quality management services to each unit within the plant.