2018: Ideas to Life

Host: Kymone Hinds

Learning to Process and Flow with Alicia Butler Pierre

Alicia Butler Pierre is the Founder and CEO of Equilibria Inc. She worked as a process engineer out of college but quickly realized that career was not for her.

Alicia relocated to Atlanta and took the skills and experience from that job and applied it to start her own company. She has since built a Business Infrastructure Company.

Alicia is a blogger, podcaster, author and has the world’s most comprehensive amount of information on the the subject of business infrastructure for small businesses. She challenges us to apply our knowledge to different contexts.

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Season 4
Called to Create
Hey Ideators! Welcome to the home base for Season 4 of the Ideas to Life Podcast.

We all have content inside of us that needs to come to life. Many of us are too afraid or don’t know how to give shape to it. This season we are featuring Ideators who have embraced that call to create and are making an impact. Our goal is to inspire and instruct you to bring your Ideas to Life.

Source: http://kymonehinds.com/ep-30-learning-to-process-and-flow-with-alicia-butler-pierre/

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