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The world’s first published book on business infrastructure for small business.

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Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success features six stories about fast-growing small businesses and the operational challenges each faces. This book teaches the secrets of how small businesses scale into large enterprises. It debuted as the #1 New Release on Amazon in Oct. 2018 and hit the Amazon Bestseller List twice in the Production & Operations Category (Oct. 2018, May 2019).

Here’s what readers are saying…

“I absolutely loved this book! Alicia presented valuable information through storytelling making it relatable, actionable, and inspiring. Systems and business infrastructure are essential for growing businesses, and this book guides you through Alicia’s methodology of designing systems and putting the infrastructure in place for businesses to be in better position to take on that growth. This is a must read for business owners ready to grow to the next level and increase the value of their organizations.”

Cera R.
Source: review

“Many business books are very dull and slow to read, not here! The book is written in a way that is fun to read. The use of characters makes you more invested in the stories and makes the lessons stick even weeks after you have finished reading. Also, the stories and lessons are directly applicable. I was able to read the book, take the lessons, and map out processes to improve my operations and delivery. 5-star book!”

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“Let’s be clear, Behind the Façade is classic material! What I love about the book is its compelling storytelling. The storytelling is very understandable, relatable, and practical. You learn and gain so much from reading the book that it is like guided meditation and multiple therapy sessions. I highly recommend this book for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, investors, board members, and employees. If you desire to see your organization win, then this book is for you, especially if your organization is growing fast.”

Mark Pegues
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