2019: Small Business Matters

Host: Tim Fulton

Business Design & Operations Management with Alicia Butler Pierre

Alicia Butler Pierre is CEO of Equilibria, Inc. and is dedicated to designing business infrastructures for fast-growing companies serious about scaling in a sustainable and profitable manner. This business infrastructure links their people, processes and tools into a cohesive system so that work flows seamlessly and customers, vendors and employees remain satisfied.

In this episode of the Small Business Matters podcast, we pick Alicia’s brain on why so many successful business owners struggle with business design and operational management, common mistakes business leaders make with process design, and case studies of companies who differentiate themselves with excellent business design. We also discuss Alicia’s newest book “Behind the Facade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success” and what the typical Equilibria client looks like.

Source: https://soundcloud.com/small-business-matters/business-design-operations-management-with-alicia-butler-pierre

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