2020: Enterpreneurship & Leadership During COVID-19 Summit

These are interesting times, and many of us in the business world are watching our lives be turned upside down. However, as leaders and entrepreneurs, we all know that times of crisis like these are when true leaders shine. In light of the current situation, we at Incontrera Consulting are hosting a virtual summit on leadership during the COVID-19 era.

We want to spread information and spark dialogues between thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in a time where fear is dominating the airwaves.

Alicia Butler Pierre – 3 Tools for Building Business Immunity from Marie Incontrera on Vimeo.

Alicia Butler Pierre – 3 Tools for Building Business Immunity

No one likes to think of doom and gloom, but it’s better to be prepared than caught off-guard. As entrepreneurs and executives, we have a particular resilience that lends itself well to leading through crisis. In this talk, you’ll learn about three tools to protect your most mission-critical operations and workflows:
· Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan
· Pre-Mortem
· Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Specifically, you’ll discover what these tools are, why your business must have them, and how to implement them. Combined, they serve as powerful antibodies to stave off the dangers of declining revenue during disaster. Conversely, they can also serve as a catalyst if your business needs to increase bandwidth during disaster.

· Business Immunity Kit – https://bit.ly/39Qf7DZ
· You Exec’s Communications Template During COVID-19: youexec.com/coronavirus-covid-19-employee-management-kit-presentation-p6v76r9nxa
· Download a copy of this presentation: slideshare.net/PromotionQueen/3-tools-to-build-business-immunity-from-covid19
· Rebounding After Disaster Strikes – Alicia’s podcast: businessinfrastructure.tv/2020/03/29/090-rebounding-after-disaster-strikes-with-alicia-butler-pierre/
· Buy Alicia’s Book: behindthefacadebook.com/

Connect with Alicia:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aliciabutlerpierre/
Twitter: @alicia_b_pierre
Facebook: facebook.com/EQBSYSTEMS/
Instagram: @alicia_b_pierre

Schedule a Consultation with Alicia: aliciabutlerpierre.com

Alicia Butler Pierre is considered the world’s leading expert on business infrastructure for small businesses. She is the Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc. – a 15-year-old operations management firm specializing in business infrastructure. Combined, her online content has over a million views and counting.

Alicia has a background in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – so she knows all about processes, systems, and workflow. More importantly, growing up in hurricane-prone Louisiana, she has a wealth of experience in developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans. She hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues podcast and is the author of the 2x bestselling business book, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.

For more about Alicia visit aliciabutlerpierre.com

For more information about the Entrepreneurship and Leadership in COVID-19, visit incontrera.com/summit


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