2021: Global Fluency Magazine

Women in Leadership

” Super excited to launch the Q3/2021 issue of Global Fluency Magazine™! This issue focuses on #women in #leadership. Thank you to all of the amazing women contributing #authors and interviewees, Aisha DeBerry, JD, Ashley Dobson, Gabrielle Claiborne, Jaime Michele Sanders, Jaye Washington, MPA, Julie Ann Crommett, Kaci Pedersen, Leng Leng Chancey (she/they), Nicole Love Hendrickson, Stephanie Sokenis, ASBC, Alicia Butler Pierre, Brittany Vallejo, Carol Muleta, Liya Yitna, Veronica Barefield and Jacqueline V. Twillie ZeroGap (zerogap.co), for sharing your time, expertise and journeys with me and our readers! I appreciate you beyond measure! ”

Grab you copy today! https://westgrouptraining.com/products/

Photo credit: Kaci Pedersen Public Relations


Source: https://westgrouptraining.com/product/global-fluency-magazine/

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