2021: Predictable B2B Success

Business Operations: How to build a scalable structure that drives growth

Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder of Equilibria, Inc. an operations management firm. Alicia trained as a chemical engineer. After years of working in the engineering profession she decided to move from New Orleans to Atlanta and as a result of that move decided to start her own business.

Part of the evolution that came from starting her own business led her to invent the Kasennu ™ framework for business infrastructure and ultimately write the world’s first book about it.

In this episode, Alicia shares how we can build scalable business operations that drive predictable business growth. Insights she shares include:

  • What is business operations or bizops
  • Why businesses don’t necessarily focus on business operations
  • When do you need a business operations team
  • What should business operations help achieve within a business
  • Should branding and culture guide the development of bizops
  • What is the Kasennu ™ framework
  • How to use a framework to assess business operations
  • How to best determine the most important activities that need to be filled in order to put you in that position where you now have more options to scale
  • and much much more….

Source: https://pod.co/predictable-b2b-success/business-operations-how-to-build-a-scalable-structure-that-drives-growth

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