2021: Solopreneur Success

Solopreneur Success

Topic: Business Infrastructure with Alicia Butler Pierre

“Alicia Butler Pierre, founder and CEO of Equilibria, wants to help you scale your business with less pain. How? By putting operations systems in place to link the people, processes and tools in your business needed to support profitable, sustainable and rapid growth.

In this interview, Alicia shares how she used her engineering background to solve this crucial business problem. Along the way she also addresses…

  • Why you must regularly create new content to engage prospects
  • How to apply “the 3 R’s” (reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic) for business
  • The profitable alternative to saying “no” to potentially problematic clients
  • The business infrastructure improves customer retention, customer satisfaction, order fulfillment capacity and profitability
  • How documenting processes creates a saleable asset that improves the real value of your business.”




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