2021: The Binge Factor

The Binge Factor


” Congratulations! Tracy Hazzard has recognized you as one of our most memorable guests and awarded you with Most Unexpectedly Interesting Show. ”

” Number sixteen surprised me. It is my Most Unexpectedly Interesting Show. When it came across my email, someone applying for the show, and the show was called Business Infrastructure. I was like, “How exciting could that be?” I was unsure about it but I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. She met every other criteria to being a Binge Factor guest. I had to check it out. Alicia Butler Pierre of Business Infrastructure, her subtitle is Curing Back Office Blues which sounded interesting. What does that mean? When I went to listen to her show, I thought, “This is not boring infrastructure.” This is about the power of infrastructure, the people and the stories behind it. How can it change a company? I thought, “This is unexpectedly interesting. I’m curious about this. I’m learning something. I’m getting something valuable out of something that I thought was boring.” She’s changed my mind about that. That’s why people hire her. She’s got the magic formula. I found her willing to turn something that I know is important to my business into something I am interested in learning more about. I didn’t know why. She brought that why in there. She brought a personality that made me want to hire her. That’s power right there. The Most Unexpectedly Interesting Show is Alicia Butler Pierre, Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues.”







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