2021: What the Truck?

What the Truck?

Topic: TriumphPays’ Big Buy, Driver Health and Sales Empowerment

“On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about TriumphPay’s big $97 million buy of HubTran, getting drivers in shape with a new fitness program, and building sales infrastructure. Plus, truck transport jobs rise in March; do drones represent an air traffic nightmare; all eyes on East Coast ports as volumes spike, Ever Given fallout looms; trucker gets bear sprayed; man finds 15,000 bees in car; octopus attacks beach goer, and more. They’re joined by special guests Jordan Graft, CEO, TriumphPay; Joey Gilkey, CEO, Sales Driven Agency; Mark Manera, founder, The Trucking Fitness Company; Alicia Butler Pierre, founder, CEO, author, Equilibria.”


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