2022: Grow A Small Business Podcast

From working as a Process Engineer, now the Founder & CEO of a business infrastructure company. Became the world’s largest & most comprehensive repository in business infrastructure with over $4 million revenue & 15 FTEs.

“In this episode, I interview Alicia Butler Pierre, Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc. based in Atlanta, USA. Alicia has set up her own business infrastructure company to help fast-growing businesses scale without the chaos through offering online courses, workshops, and webinars.

From working in different oil refineries and chemical plants, Alicia decided to leave Chemical Engineering to pursue bigger opportunities. Equilibria, Inc. was established in 2005 and has been running for over 17 years. Became the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository on the subject of business infrastructure for small businesses with over 15 FTEs.

Alicia has said that growing a small business requires courage and positivity. So she says, “Take the challenge now and embrace it full steam ahead.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Specialize in helping fast-growing businesses scale without the chaos.
  • Making money through a combination of coaching services.
  • From professional organizing to business infrastructure.
  • Offering online courses, workshops, and webinars.
  • Moving more towards teaching platforms than consulting-type projects.
  • Originated as a professional organizing company back in 2005.
  • Working with commercial and quote-unquote businesses as well.
  • With a work background as a Process Engineer.
  • Learning how to make your business look good inside and out.
  • Helping entrepreneurs become more positive about facing challenges.”


Resources: https://www.growasmallbusiness.com/blog/227-from-working-as-a-process-engineer-now-the-founder-ceo-of-a-business-infrastructure-company-became-the-world-s-largest-most-comprehensive-repository-in-business-infrastructure-with-over-4-million-revenue-15-ftes-alicia-butler-pierre-2

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