2022: She’s THE Boss Chats

Alicia Butler Pierre – Founder, Equilibria


“Alicia Butler Pierre is a powerhouse! She owns her own business specializing in creating business infrastructure for fast-growing small businesses and she loves what she does. She’s extremely passionate and has been doing it for 16 years. Alicia is the founder and CEO of Equilibria Inc which is really just a system that links the people, processes, tools, and technologies that are needed to keep businesses operating on a day-to-day basis. Clients range from micro-enterprises, government projects, nonprofit organisations, and large corporate organisations.

In Alicia’s former life she was a chemical engineer for Monsanto but didn’t want to do this forever. So Alicia went to business school because she wanted to learn the business behind engineering and the decisions required about profit and loss, demand and supply, and the language of business. Alicia is also an author, speaker, coach, and podcaster. One of her passions is learning about ancient civilisation and this passion took Alicia and her husband to Luxor, Egypt where they volunteered on an excavation and restoration project. It was life-changing for Alicia. ”



Source: https://shesthebossgroup.com/shes-the-boss-chats/

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