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Alicia Butler Pierre | Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge



” I understood the process. I understood the workflow. I understood systems. I understood the need to take these things and bring them all together. That was what became my competitive advantage. Over time, I realized I had to drop the description of professional organizing and replace it with business infrastructure.”

Alicia Butler Pierre is a chemical engineer-turned-entrepreneur. She is now the CEO of Equilibria, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with contemporary business infrastructure tools, which are essential to achieving growth and scaling a business. She is also the author of the world’s first published book on business infrastructure for small businesses—Behind the Facade, How to Structure Company Operation for Sustainable Success.

Join Alicia as she shares her entrepreneurship journey and her vision of helping others transform their day-to-day operations to boost business efficacy.”




Source: https://www.thebusinesssphere.com/podcast/episode-276-alicia-butler-pierre-taking-the-entrepreneurial-plunge/

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