2023: Marketing Wizards Inner Circle

Systemize Your Business Success!

” To create incredible systems for your business, that bring clarity and lead to better results growing your business! Here’s How and Why? Since we’ve been getting more and more questions about marketing and ads from our audiences we decided to shake things up this episode and talk about operations. And there is no better person to speak about this than successful Business Infrastructure: Alicia Butler Pierre. In this episode with Marketing Wizards Inner Circle Alicia Butler Pierre, and Michael Bridgman discuss the importance of developing systemized operations that will match the quality service you’re offering. After all, your operations are your business’ skeletal structure, the backbone of long-term and consistent success. Alicia will teach you all about process engineering and being open to innovations in technology that will help you to avoid becoming a dinosaur in the industry. You will adapt and shift your product portfolio to match what’s in demand by listening to the market. Lastly, as a bonus, Alicia and Michael will do a quick exercise that will help you to become more organized with more succinct and transparent job descriptions. So get ready to note down this important information and put them to use!”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw0Nze94r-M

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