Recruiting into Engineering High Ability Multicultural Students (REHAMS) is a one-week, residential program for students entering the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Students gain first-hand experiences as they relate to the various engineering disciplines. Program participants have the opportunity to experience college life and interact with current Louisiana State University (LSU) engineering students, LSU faculty as well as industry professionals who have made successful careers in engineering.

As an alumni of LSU’s Cain Department of Chemical Engineering, Alicia was requested to speak to the 2010 REHAMS class about the importance of networking.  REHAMS is a summer program targeting high school seniors who show an aptitude toward future careers in STEM.  This highly interactive presentation included a multi-media experience to not only teach the theory behind professional networking, but to demonstrate its application as well.  This was best shown when, after asking each student to stand and introduce him/herself, Alicia was able to recall facts about each of them and describe multiple ways they can connect (and advance each other’s interests) beyond their shared interest in STEM.


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