2010: General Electric’s Women’s Network

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Alicia participated in a joint presentation to General Electric’s (GE) Women Network led by Marie Pijanowski, owner of the Center for Social Connections. The presenter group, collectively known as the Mastermind Power Connection Alliance Team consisted of Marie, Alicia, Maria C. Forbes, and Louisa Kamau. Alicia’s contribution focused on teaching and demonstrating to GE’s female executives and managers systems for organizing their workspace, filing systems, and workflows for maximum productivity and efficiency.


From Marie Pijanowski:  “The collective power of your connections creates your life: business and personal. These connections allow you to fulfill your life’s vision. This show focuses on imparting positive strategies and resources to propel you forward in your professional and personal life. These strategies are shared by individuals who have become successful in life and detail some of their defining moments which created connection. They share their personal stories and specifically, their words of wisdom and best practices that continue to move them forward and foster their growth. They establish deep connections to themselves, others and knowledge. Thus, this gives them the ability and power to create their life’s vision.”

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