2020: Marnie Swedberg

Management Resources & Recommendations – Success Insights from Global Women Leaders

Host: Marnie Swedberg

Success insights from global women leaders as they share their own favorite forms, processes, apps & other management resources and recommendations for new and growth-oriented female entrepreneurs.

During this segment, each successful woman leader will answer the questions:

1) What is your all-time favorite business book?

2) What is a recent favorite?

3) What are your three favorite resources, one each for – a) ideation and brainstorming, b) time and project management, and c) resource management (people, inventory, etc.)?

This video is part of the Global Women Leaders Success Insight Series for female leaders worldwide. Gratitude is extended to the leadership team at WEF for making this program possible. (https://www.wef.org.in/)


Source: https://www.marnie.com/wef.html

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