2020: Sales Synergistics Podcast

Host: Jason Smith

Processes that Drive Your Business Forward

We had an awesome conversation this week about the need to focus on the PROCESSES that drive your business forward.  Our Guest this week, Alicia Butler Pierre, is a best selling author and business coach who helps business leaders dissect their daily processes to optimize performance to drive results.

Alicia Butler Pierre Interview, CEO – Equilibria, Inc. & Bestselling Author On The Sales Synergistics Podcast

Equilibria, Inc. is a global operations management firm specializing in designing business infrastructure and processes for fast-growing small businesses. It is the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository on the subject of business infrastructure for small businesses.

Alicia is responsible for creating and managing global intellectual property assets that standardize, streamline and sustain rapid growth in small businesses. This includes the development of business process templates, webinars and other educational materials to teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to build business infrastructure.

Find out more on:  https://eqbsystems.com/about/
– Blog: eqbsystems.com/blog
– Twitter: @Alicia_B_Pierre
– Instagram: @Alicia_B_Pierre


Source: https://probusinesschannelusa.com/alicia-butler-pierre-interview-ceo-equilibria-inc-bestselling-author-on-the-sales-synergistics-podcast/

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