2020: The Coaching Show

Host: Christopher D. McAuliffe

Episode 1033: Why Small Businesses Fail by Year 10 & Talking To/On Media

For every 100 small businesses that start in America, 50 will make it to their 5th year and only 15 will be around by the 10th year. The SBA cites several reasons for failure, with lack of infrastructure being one of them.

That’s right – some companies fail because they have too much business and the lack of infrastructure rears its ugly head as they try, unsuccessfully, to meet customer demand. This is what Alicia specializes in – she has a tried and tested methodology for creating business infrastructure for fast-growing companies looking to scale to the next level in a profitable and sustainable way.

Listeners will learn what business infrastructure is, why it’s important, and how to implement it.

Our second guest, Richard Kuritz, shares on how many who want to promote their book, business, or cause think that radio band TV are the path to success. While media exposure can certainly help one’s promotional plan, doing it wrong often does more harm than good. Getting on the air and doing it well takes a real understanding of yourself, what you want to convey, and what the host and the audience wants to hear. It is sometimes about luck and connections, but it is always about persistence, diligence, and talent. So if you are going to suggest that your coaching client be on radio and TV, you had better know the how, or the who, that can prep them for media. In his day job, Richard is the media relations coordinator for Strategies Literary PR. He contacts producers, designs and writes segments, helps media train clients, and also does radio and written commentary.

He is here to share some of the basics about pitching, crafting, performing, and follow-up that are crucial elements applicable to anyone who expects to address the public via media.

Guest 1: Alicia Butler Pierre

Show Notes

  • Alex and Christopher talk about Alex’s next adventure
    Christopher talks about his AI assistant experience
    The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make?
    Alex’s takes advice from Alicia about his business.
    Personal touch, still necessary in the 21st century?
    Alex speaks to his organizational system
    Alicia recommends some great apps and tools

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Books Mentioned:

Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success

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