2020: The Binge Factor Podcast with Tracy Hazzard

Building Your Business Podcast Infrastructure Like a Pro with Alicia Butler Pierre

podcasting, business infrastructure, increasing engagement, podcast production, social media marketing, booking great guests
Business infrastructure is a niche that doesn’t get talked about enough. However, Alicia Butler Pierre makes it fun and entertaining.

Alicia is the Founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc., a 15-year-old operations management firm specializing in increasing bandwidth for fast-growing small businesses.

This is done via business infrastructure, and Alicia is recognized as one of the few people in the world specializing in it. She also hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues podcast, which currently reaches listeners in 35 countries.

On today’s show, she joins Tracy Hazzard to dive into the amazing world of business infrastructure – from building a podcast and booking great guests to increasing engagement and growing your audience.


Source: The Binge Factor Podcast 


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