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Becoming Bingeable By Building In Structure with Alicia Butler Pierre of the Business Infrastructure Podcast

How to build your strategy beyond the vanity metrics

By: Tracy Hazzard

Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc., a 15-year-old operations management firm specializing in increasing bandwidth for fast-growing small businesses. Pierre’s podcast, Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues, is about to be in the 100-episodes club, and she’s just getting started. Her ability to organize and operate a show that is maxed out on great content and amazing top tier guests is what makes her show so bingeable.

From recording herself on her phone for the first few episodes to dedicating herself to creating a show worthy of her listeners’ time, Pierre is in this for the long haul, a key requirement of any successful host.

If you go back and listen to those first few episodes and then jump ahead a little ways, Pierre’s dedication to growth and improvement is so clear. Her desire to bring her listeners the best version of herself and her show also lends to her binge factor.

Structure Matters
Show’s need structure and the earlier you build that in, the better your show will perform for you. Listeners want to know what to expect and that consistency also keeps you on track as a host, while building up your brand.

“You need a strategy going in. When I filled out the application for Google PRX program, the questions on that application really got me thinking about how I would structure my show and what my strategy was. That was how I decided to separate my show into seasons. And there are plenty of other opportunities and features to really define your show and structure it.”


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Tracy Hazzard

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