2021: Innovation Culture Coding

Scaling for the Spotlight- Innovation Culture Coding featuring Alicia Butler Pierre

“Why Entrepreneurs Need to Focus on Operation. Alicia Butler Pierre, CEO of Equilibria, Inc.,and Author joined me to deconstruct a fictive case in the Innovation Culture Coding live show.

The Case:
A non-profit company seemed to grow overnight thanks in part to the appearance of the Executive Director Emily on a popular daytime TV show. The board of directors recognizes she is ill-equipped to handle the organization’s burgeoning growth. Her replacement is inevitable. Unbeknownst to the board, Emily is aware of their plans to replace her. In a proactive move to salvage her reputation, she hires Alicia Butler Pierre to help her turn it around.”





The Dream Customer of Alicia Butler Pierre


You will recognize what you don’t do by diving into what you do – Alicia Butler Pierre


Group activities together so you can build columns and later departments to optimize


Source: https://www.heitlandinnovation.com/innovation-culture-coding-show/alicia-butler-pierre

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