2022: Business Infrastructure Podcast Celebrates 200th Episode

For the past four years, this show has consistently aired every week, not missing a beat. This consistency is only a part of our success formula. Other factors include amazing guests, subscribers and listeners like you, and an all-star team! * The Business Infrastructure podcast started as a scrappy idea of host and producer, Alicia Butler Pierre. What she originally thought would simply be another means of sharing operational resources with small businesses has now evolved into a global movement with listeners in over 60 countries.

But this did not happen by osmosis. As the podcast grew in popularity, so did Equilibria, the company behind the podcast, and its need to scale up back-office operations.

In this episode, you get to hear directly from some of the people behind the scenes who each possess a superpower that they contribute to the mosaic that is the Business Infrastructure podcast. Joining us in the celebration is Jared Easley, the co-founder of Podcast Movement – home to the world’s largest community of podcasters. If you’ve wondered what it takes to produce and promote this show, then here’s your chance to find out! Listen and be inspired!

Source: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/200th-episode-meet-the-business-infrastructure-podcast-team-with-special-guest-jared-easley/

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