2022: Podcast My Brand

Practice Consistently with Alicia Butler Pierre


Alicia Butler Pierre host of https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/ ( Business Infrastructure – Curing Back Office Blues Podcast)

Tell us about your podcast

  • Focused on the operations of these fast-growing small businesses.
  • Helping them to make sure that they can meet the fast-growing demand from their customers and businesses.

What Podcast Rain has happened because of your podcast shows?

  • When you’re podcasting, you get to meet so many different people. They extend this opportunity to you.
  • I get an opportunity to meet big people.

What things have you done over the years to get better at the craft of podcasting?

  • Just being natural. Being a toastmaster.
  • Strategy and practice consistently.

How do you grow your audience?

  • It’s really important to have cross promotion across every single channel that you use.
  • You really have to be consistent and do not give up.

What encouragement would you have for people who are considering a podcast?

  • I would say that you should go for it because you have something very unique to offer to the marketplace.



Source: https://podcastmybrand.captivate.fm/episode/practice-consistently-with-alicia-butler-pierre

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