2022: The Online Prosperity Experience

How Business infrastructure offers you scale with high returns & less drama

” In this episode, we speak to Alicia Butler Pierre. Alicia Butler Pierre is on a quest to revolutionize the way small businesses operate. She does that by speaking, coaching, writing, lecturing, and podcasting. She is the Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc. and the bestselling author of Behind the Façade, the world’s first published book on business infrastructure. She hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure podcast, which ranks in the world’s top 2%. She’s an adjunct instructor of Lean Principles at Purdue University and Operations Management at Nichols College. A chemical engineer turned entrepreneur, she’s advised, designed, and optimized processes for organizations including Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, The Library of Congress, and The Home Depot. Every year big companies spend millions of dollars on consultants to document their business processes. As a small business owner, you don’t have that luxury. EQB Systems save you time and money through process and procedure templates that standardize and structure your business for mega success.”


Source: https://summit.onlineprosperity.com.au/talks/how-business-infrastructure-offers-you-scale-with-high-returns-less-drama/

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