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Interview Highlights: Alicia Butler Pierre on Business Infrastructure for Rapid Growth

” In this interview with Alicia Butler Pierre, founder of Equilibria, a boutique operations management firm, we gain valuable insights into the importance of business infrastructure and operational support for small businesses experiencing rapid growth. Alicia emphasizes the misconception that operational systems are only relevant for larger corporations, highlighting Equilibria’s unique focus on providing tailored assistance to small businesses. She discusses the challenges businesses face in accessing the necessary help and the role of awareness in bridging this gap. Alicia shares her inspiration for founding Equilibria, drawing from her background in chemical engineering and the concept of achieving balance and harmony. Throughout the interview, she emphasizes the significance of efficient processes, visual aids, and team alignment in scaling businesses and achieving sustainable growth. The conversation sheds light on Equilibria’s approach, the outcomes clients can expect, and the success stories that exemplify the power of a strong operational foundation.”


Source: https://smallbusinesstrendsetters.com/interview-highlights-alicia-butler-pierre-on-business-infrastructure-for-rapid-growth/



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