2020: Good Grow Great Podcast

Host: Thalia Toha

How to Know What to do After an MBA

Engineer your own freedom and find out:

  • How to know what to do after an MBA.
  • How to benefit from a transition period in your life to find your calling.
  • Why conventional business plans don’t always work.
  • The surprising word you should avoid when positioning your offering.
  • How to price your offerings so that you will always have business.

Find Alicia on Linkedin @aliciabutlerpierre or eqbsystems.com. Alicia Butler Pierre is the CEO of Equilibria, process engineer, organizational expert, and host of The Weekly Business Infrastructure Podcast. Her combined content has garnered 500,000+ views worldwide. —- For a 5,300-word free Ultimate Guide on how to get more clients by leaving a remarkable impression go to www.goodgrowgreat.com.


Source: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6pfDHXByiIqmPEYYYsrps4

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