2021: The Global Fluency Podcast

The Global Fluency Podcast with Berthine Crèvecoeur West

Welcome to Season 2 of The Global Fluency Podcast!

Join us and our special guest, “The Smooth” Operator,” Alicia Butler-Pierre, as we discuss how she became a process expert and the role an effective process plays in empowering you for success.

Alicia shares her experience as a woman in technology, who used her process skills to train those with different learning styles, while bridging education, gender and skills gaps. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Listen to the interview here.


I’m so grateful to my friend Berthine Crèvecoeur West for inviting me onto her award-winning show, The Global Fluency podcast.

She enabled me to speak about processes in a completely different way – as a visual tool for bridging language gaps.

Berthine is right – processes 𝘢𝘳𝘦 powerful and, if documented in the right way, can unleash optimal performance from your team. But you must be careful to document the right processes the right way – process documentation can be just as diverse as the team you hire.

Efficient means documenting the right processes.

Effective means documenting processes the right/best way.

The way you format a process is just as important as the language used.

As leaders, processes enable us to effectively and efficiently delegate tasks and activities to others. This frees up our time to focus more on building a business infrastructure to support future growth.

There are many more benefits to processes and workflows, as we discuss in the full interview.



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