2023: The Dead Pixels Society podcast

Exploring Operational Excellence for Business Expansion with Alicia Butler Pierre

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with Alicia Butler Pierre, the founder, and CEO of Equilibria, Inc., about operational excellence. The conversation revolves around the critical role of operational excellence in business expansion, sharing her company’s unique approach to tackling issues like high turnover, audits, and escalating customer complaints using the Lean Six Sigma framework.

The discussion moves beyond just identifying problems, delving into the intricate balance between sales and operations. How can organizations ensure they deliver on their promises without compromising their operations? Alicia shares her insights. Additionally, we explore the necessity of possessing a robust business continuity plan and a disaster recovery tool. This conversation covers scenarios from dealing with supply chain disruptions to navigating natural disasters or coping with an essential component of your business shutting down. We wrap things up with a sneak peek into Butler Pierre’s Smooth Operator Masterclass, a valuable resource for developing effective operational structures.

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